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Internet made better.

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First there was cable. Now there is fiber. Through the power of our fiber optic network, CarolinaConnect will improve all aspects of how you engage with the online world.

As a Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative member, you deserve the fastest, most dependable internet access available. It's why CarolinaConnect is partnering with MCEC to bring you a fiber optic network that delivers more bang for your broadband buck.

What makes our service different?  Everything.

From superior performance and affordable pricing to increased privacy and unrivaled customer support, CarolinaConnect offers MCEC members the ability to:

  • Upload, download and transfer data at ultra fast speeds
  • Simultaneously stream music and HD video
  • Connect to various smart devices, allowing you to use your home more intelligently and efficiently
  • Use Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service
  • Access free technical support

Fiber optic cable allows us to transmit data at speeds that far surpass DSL, satellite plans, wireless, and cable modems. What's more, our service culture is born of the electric cooperative's longstanding commitment to reliable, friendly customer care. We'll answer your questions and ensure any connectivity issues you may encounter are resolved quickly.

Get ready for internet made better.